As High as the Mountains Climb, As Deep as the Oceans Dive

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This is the first ramble of my

This is the first ramble of my blog and I cannot contain my excitement!!

I was wondering what my first post should be and after deliberating for, what seemed like ages, I decided to address one redundant question I always get.

What do you love more? Mountain or the Ocean.

Such a difficult choice when you aren’t sure. But after experiencing the best of both, I am sure.

Well simply put, I love both!

For me it isn’t possible to choose between them anymore.

Let me tell you why.

For the longest time, I have always longed for the mountains whenever I needed some Solace. Mountains was the place where I could find the peace and quiet i needed. It was the connection that helped me disconnect with the world. A place full of contradictions; Serene yet Wild. I have born in Uttarakhand, in the lap of the Himalayas and mountains will always, ALWAYS be my home.

As for the ocean, it was something I discovered much later in life. And it is funny how I have spent my whole life enjoying the surface of the ocean when the real deal is all underwater. The whole deal behind the existence of this huge ocean and how much of nature’s marvels I have missed so far. I love swimming in the ocean. The wonders that I have discovered diving in the deep sea has gotten me addicted.

My travel, adventures and this blog is mostly about both. Whether I am trekking or road tripping or diving, I am always closer to either one of them!

So if my Soul is in the Mountains, I have definitely lost my Heart to the Ocean. <3

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