Nerdy Adventuress - About me

Hello Hello!

I see you are curious to know me and that is good. And I am glad you are here.

Well, I am Priyanka and welcome to my blog. Basically this is the place where I ramble on endlessly about the things I really love!

Travel, Photography and Adventure. (Not in that order really)

If you are looking for itinerary based travel site or blog, this may not be the right place. I believe that you and I can go to the same place and come back with absolutely different experience and stories. Here you will find stories, my stories, my (mis)adventures mostly and other things I am passionate about.

I write in a way even my mom would understand and narrate it like I am talking to a friend. So you get the drift, right?

I don’t really remember when I actually started travelling. But I do remember one of my first adventures and I am going to tell you about it!

It was back in 1994 and we were living in Dehra Dun. That time it was a small quaint little town in Uttar Pradesh and not the bustling city it is today! Well, my dad got transferred to Madras and my parents decided to drive down from Doon valley all the way down south to Madras!

Nearly 2, 500 KMs in a white Maruti Omni and JUST one cassette (which had the songs from the movie “Criminal” – “Tum Mile Diil Khile” – remember?). Though the memory is a bit hazy but I still remember the day we left Dehra Dun. It was a crisp winter morning and mom piled me in the backseat along with a mattress, a water cooler and her precious Tulsi plant.

En route, I saw the Taj Mahal (never to return to it again), Gwalior fort, Golconda fort and Big KidsKemp (it was a big deal back in those days!) for the first time. 10 days later, I saw the beach for the first time in Madras.

With no GPS or Maps or Trip Advisors etc. I think this was my first tryst with adventure!

Though I have been Road Tripping and Trekking for some time now, it is in the last few years that I have discovered my love for Scuba Diving. I have dived in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand so far and am a PADI certified Advanced Open Water Diver. *I am very proud of me considering I have always been terrified about swimming in the sea!*

I have dived with Turtles and around WWII wrecks, driven down to the Everest Base Camp in Tibet and trekked to some of the most beautiful places in the Himalayas.

Currently, I live in Mumbai and have travelled to 23 states in India and 4 Union Territories. And someday hope to travel to all the states in India.

I am a story-teller, photographer and an adventuress. Through my stories and adventure I really want to inspire people and make them smile. Apart from that, I absolutely love momos and comics! When I am travelling I really enjoy lying down and staring at the stars in awe while cuddling with dogs.

If you would like to know more about me and about my adventures, or want to catch up with me in real time, follow me on Instagram or Facebook.